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Tormentum – DEMO       MOD APK       Posted 2018-11-08


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TORMENTUM is a dark Point & Click adventure game. A nameless character finds himself in a put between fantasy and nightmare. He doesn't remember his name nor where he comes from. Wandering through strange lands, he struggles to explore the truth about the globe around him, as well as about himself. The dreamlike, nightmarish atmosphere of the android game was inspired by the works of painters H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. The game's final look and feel was also strongly influenced by the universes of android games such as Demon's Souls or Dark Seed. This special mixture gave life to a bleak and depressing world. The story begins as the protagonist wakes up locked in a metal cage hanging below a huge flying machine. It becomes clear he is its passenger versus his will and the machine's destination is unknown. The only vague memory he can summon in his mind is that of a sculpture atop a hill, depicting human hands reaching towards the sky. Those are, however, the least of his issues as the airship descends its flight towards a large, gloomy castle which soon becomes his prison. Thus begins the surreal story bordering somewhere between dream and reality... Key features: ▪ THE GAME WORLD: 3 realms, differing in architecture and monsters inhabiting them. You'll meet characters with special personalities who will support you - or test to prevent you from - reaching your goal. ▪ ART: 75 hand-painted stages. The android game also features over a hundred extra screens as well as tons of paintings made by the angry painter residing in the cathedral ▪ PUZZLES: During your journey you will come versus 24 varied logical puzzles and minigames. ▪ STORY: A dark adventure between dream and reality. ▪ MUSIC: Exceptional soundtrack with over 40 tracks. ▪ Moral choices which will affect the game's ending. ▪ 4-6 hours gameplay. Multiple languages: ▪ English ▪ German ▪ French ▪ Spanish ▪ Polish ▪ Russian ▪ Italian ▪ Portuguese and Brazil ▪ Hungarian ▪ Czech ▪ Turkish I found the story interesting and the visuals at times breathtaking. The gameplay is satisfying and what it lacks in challenge it makes up for with accessibility and solid mechanics. As an entry-level title to this at times obtuse genre, I can recommend picking up a copy of the android game to while away a few hours. – Pixel Populi The point-and-click function is smooth, so it’s simple to transition between the inventory and the stage. It’s heartening that the puzzles are logical, in that it doesn’t require the player to mash together every combination of stuff in their inventory, unlike some other android games – Mouse Kill – (8/10) Tormentum – Dark Sorrow has a well put-together android game with a amazing narrative arc, an interesting art style, and a special globe of dark fantasy". – Ghost Volta (7/10) Tormentum - Dark Sorrow is a light in the darkness - or is that the other method around? You'll be hard pressed to find a android game as stunningly dark as this. If you think you can deal with the incredibly dark themes and art style, you'll be well rewarded with an intriguing story set in a surreal word even H.R. Giger would be proud to call his own. – Grab It Magazine (90/100) A gloomy and fascinating take on the point-and-click adventure android game. While it’s not perfect—the puzzles could be a small more inventive, and the writing sometimes feels a small like angsty high school poetry, the breathtaking artwork, and well-developed globe more than create up for it. – Android game Rant (80/100) Ultimately, Tormentum comes close to forming a amazing point-and-click adventure in 2015, but the lack of dozens in the puzzle design really drags down the whole experience. – Gaming Trend (75/100) Tormentum is a fun and intriguing point-and-click, thriving on special art style and simplified mechanics that truly showcase how supreme the genre delivers narrative in a non-intrusive and natural method. – Twinfinite (80/100) ▶ Like us: ▶ Twitter: @OhNooStudio ▶ Email us:

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